Welcome to The Lockdown Project. This is our blog. Here we'll be posting relevant posts about our goals and plans. We'll soon be opening up this space for others to post as well. Stay tuned for that!

Meanwhile, since you're anyhow taking your time to read this blog post, may we familiarize you with ourselves?

The Lockdown Project was established on July 2, 2020, with the goal of helping government school students continue their education. We carry our legacy from The Lockdown MUN, one of the first online MUNs conducted during the COVID19 Lockdown in India. In order to achieve our goal, we've joined the Building Dreams Foundation, a NGO based in Dehradun which hopes to empower the youth in the country so that they can get on their foot and dream like their peers.

We'll be organizing two fundraising events:

  1. The Lockdown MUN 2.0

  2. The Lockdown Fest

Beyond this, we'll also be undertaking interesting seminars on topics including, but not limited to, International Educations, Learning Coding, SDGs for Children and many more!

Not to forget, we'll soon be opening applications for people who'd wish to write blogs for us!

Excited? So are we.

Keep in touch with us:

Instagram: @thelockdownorg



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