Creativity is the ability to control randomness in our lives.

That's what happened on 27/April 2020. A random DM from Tanmay saying wouldn't it be great if we did an online MUN to help raise funds?

I wasn't sure at first , but anyways I told him it's a great idea and it will be awesome to do something on it. Next I know a team has been assembled, and the foundation of The Lockdown Project has been laid.

I was blown by the dedication of a person to his idea,and the mere thought of being of service and being something greater than myself made me go on board the rocky ride of THE LOCKDOWN MUN, one of the first online MUN in the country.

Gradually ,50 odd students came together from 15 state and more than 20 cities across the nation and the amount of funds we raised were jaw dropping even for ourselves,a bunch of amateurs bored during the Lockdown.

This was the motivation to upscale the Lockdown MUN to The Lockdown Project in late May.

However this time we made an official website, assembled editors, designers ,content writers , event managers,and a whole team of talented young minds with average age being raging hormones!!!

It was this common feeling of being something greater than ourselves, the feeling of a common empathy, the feeling of doing serious shit, that kept us going. There have been several bumps here and there. Nonetheless, we have kept pushing and will continue to wade the waters of this uncertain universe, and in the process become The Lockdown Project.


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